Together we are stronger! Join AFA and attend our AGM!

Meeting iStock_000017456397MediumOn January 20-22, 2016, AFA’s Board and Executive will join AFA members and guests in Red Deer, Alberta for the organization’s Annual General Meeting. AFA delegates will listen to expert speakers, plus debate and pass policy on a range of issues important to the agriculture sector.

We’re excited about the theme for this year’s AGM: Shifting Gears. AFA has invited industry leaders from across the country to speak about emerging technologies, the impact of climate change and new developments in farm labour and safety legislation.

Attendees will also get the opportunity to hear a provincial update from Hon. Oneil Carlier, Alberta’s Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, on January 22. The Minister will then participate in a bear pit session with Olds College agricultural students who are attending our AGM to gain first-hand knowledge of policy development.

Other speaker highlights from the AGM agenda include:

  • Lawyer Tom Ross will give a legal perspective on Alberta’s farm labour legislation
  • Scientist Dr. Andre Erler will present his observations on the climate system in western Canada
  • Shaun Haney from RealAgriculture will share his views on the digital age of farming
  • Markus Weber with AgEagle will feature drone technology and profitability on the farm
  • Rick McConnell, risk management expert, will cover innovations in pasture technology
  • Daryl Bennett will discuss surface rental issues in Alberta
  • Garth Patterson with Western Grains Research Foundation will speak about agronomic capacity

“We put together our list of presenters based on topics that would resonate with producers this year,” says AFA President Lynn Jacobson. “We feel our AGM should provide those attending with timely information.”

Why is it important to become a member and attend the AGM?

Agriculture is experiencing many changes: from technological advances to policy and government changes. Our AGM is a great place to hear about – and vote on – issues, policy and opportunities in agriculture for the coming year.

“AFA members come together to present resolutions on issues that matter to them,” says Jacobson. “The resolutions that are agreed to by vote are then passed along to policy makers in government and within our provincial and national agriculture organizations. When you become a member of our organization, you are truly part of that unified voice. “

“So often, we hear farmers are frustrated when they feel they aren’t being heard,” he says. “Here is one way to make sure your voice counts.”

Jacobson notes he would love to see more new members attend the AGM. AFA seeks new members of all ages and stages, even younger movers-and-shakers and those who are just developing in agriculture. Jacobson points to an article Lyndsey Smith wrote in that makes an eloquent case for why our industry needs 30-somethings to step up and get involved in policy and advocating for agriculture.

Become an AFA member today. Producers pay only $125 per year. Once you have your AFA membership, be sure to register and attend the AFA Annual General Meeting January 20-22, 2016 in Red Deer and be part of creating the resolutions that will be our top policy priorities for 2016.


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