YouTube helps share passion for agriculture

In October 2014, AFA 2nd VP Humphrey Banack opened his farm to Canadian TV icon Rick Mercer. The Banack family warmly welcomed Mercer (and the sizable Canadian audience who watches the show) to their Camrose family farm to join them for harvest.

What the film crew captured shows a slice of life on the farm, and the 6-minute video segment ‘RMR: Rick Harvests Wheat’ has already climbed to over 36,000 views as of this blog posting! You can watch the antics here:

A growing number of agriculture producers and agri-businesses find the power of YouTube to be an incredible resource in telling their story.

If you plug the words ‘agriculture Canada’ into the YouTube search engine, you’ll find more than 90,000 results on this very broad topic … everything from TEDx talks about building a future for agriculture to organic agriculture in the City of Toronto. The video possibilities are endless, and many in agriculture are taking advantage of this free medium.

As for Banack, when asked by the Canadian Federation of Agriculture to participate in the Rick Mercer Report project, he said yes knowing the TV show and resulting video could reach a broad audience.

“The video has had thousands of views to date, and that kind of reach is important to farmers,” Banack says. “It’s critical to showcase agriculture to educate Canadian consumers and our urban neighbors about what we do. I believe our customers and consumers are thirsty for this information.”

AFA has joined the ranks of companies on YouTube to tell our story and give viewers a chance to see the priorities we are working on in the upcoming year.

On our AFA YouTube channel, you’ll find information about us and also links to videos by others featuring AFA or some of our board members and executives.

Our main page can be found here, with the links to our individual AFA playlists below. We hope you’ll enjoy checking out these videos. Watch for more to come!

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